Free Prophecy Reading is a major provider of free online biblical prophecy readings. We have one of the most trusted names in the industry working right here with us to deliver accurate and life changing prophecies to our users. Master Prophet Bishop E. Bernard Jordan has over 30 years of experience in sight beyond sight, and he is dedicated to sharing his abilities to help others. Free Prophecy Reading provides personalized prophecies direct from our biblical prophets. We have the ability to tell you what God has planned. This will most likely change your perception on life so that you can get on the right path to improve your spiritual well-being and future. We offer many of our services for free, and you will get the gift of joining our online community through the words of God.

Why Our Website and Services Are Unique

We stand apart from other online worshipping websites, because we are dedicated to the services that we offer. Upon registration, our clients receive a word of prophecy from our very own Bishop Jordan himself. We offer personalized services that will give each visitor a unique experience that will give them the enlightenment that they need. If you are seeking spiritual guidance in your life, then our profits can help by giving advice and readings. We aim to spread the teachings of God, by changing the lives of others with our gift.

What We Offer Our Registered Users

  • Bishop Jordan’s Word Of Prophecy
  • Inspirational Messages and Blogs
  • More than Foretelling
  • Prophecy Reading
  • More than Numerology Readings
  • Spiritual Readings
  • Soul Healing Words

Contact Us Today!

Contact us today to learn more about biblical prophecies and other services that we provide. We never charge a cent for our prophecy reading, spiritual reading, or our numerology services. We have the ability to offer the words of God through Bishop Jordan.

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